Day 302-Reprensentive of your city (micro view)

 My small 800 square foot house is described in the MLA listing as a"cute Old Town bungalow".  I bought this house when I was 24 when I got my first professional job at the Fort Collins Coloradan. This little corner of Fort Collins became my sanctuary not to mention a great place to have a few Christmas parties. One good thing about a small house is when you have a party and a few guests arrive it feels like a rager- oh, wait maybe it was….

I am sad to leave 312 N. Shields. Despite the difficulties I have had with my agent and mortgage broker this is my home. It has been an anchor, a magnet that has keep me grounded as I explored and lived in homes far less cosy than this one. It has been a place where I have always been able to return to at the end of the day or after a few years aboard and know I am home.