Day 326-Time

No sooner do I say I haven’t had a “sign” in a while that I get one.

I lost this watch in England. I remember searching and searching for it up until the bitter end with hope that I would  turn up in some corner of the flat covered in dust.

No luck. It was gone. I accepted it.

My mother gave me this watch, when I was living in Zimbabwe, so I would know what time it was wherever she was.

When theme of time came up I had an idea of an image I was going to shoot.
I remembered a friend  of mine had an old pocket watch and I went searching for it in a dresser draw.

When I opened the draw I immediately found what I was looking for but to my complete amazement this double faced watch was in the same draw. This is the watch that I lost in England almost 7 years ago.

Not only was it strange that it had appeared at all but appeared as I was looking for a sign about time… and needing one in particular from my mother.