Week 6-Go to a Museum



After a short visit to The Center of Fine Art Photography which I loved but did not find the inspiration in I was hoping for, my friend Katrin and I a visited a show at our local performing arts center. -‘Reflections and Resolutions: Creating New Worlds in Digital Art.  The works of Daniel Fonken and Fran Forman were engaging, thought provoking and impressive.

Inspired by the work and honestly looking for a quick option to at least complete the challenge of the week,  I started to think about images I could blend together to create a photo with a message. Needing a theme I quickly landed on memories related to my Mom-who passed away almost a year ago and is on my mind constantly.

My brother and his daughter, (my namesake baby Jilly, 2) seem to have a connection to my mother, I have not yet developed or discovered. They have dreams about her and seem to have strange coincidences they attribute to visits from Mimi. I long for these opportunities but yet they still have not come. Actually, I am bit obsessed by this and look for messages at every turn.

I think any artist or lover of art will agree with me that family, dreams and the unconscious are prevalent themes in all mediums of art. It is obvious, why, it is one of the most accessible familiar themes a person has in life whether they are positive or negative.

Once I landed on the idea of “messages” from my Mom, and wishing everyday I could pick up the phone and call her, I quickly began to put the pieces together.

I have a long list of skills I want to develop related to photography and Photoshop but with a few basic technics, I was able to put this piece together.  

It is a hard image to write about with out completely dissecting it. Although it is a deeply personal I hope the “message” is clear.