Week 7-Go beyond the print of a digital image

Experimenting with alternative process with photographs is something I love to do. 

There are so many great ways to take photographs to another level. One technique I have wanted to try that seemed relatively simple was transferring photos to glass using transparent contact paper. The process is pretty easy actually but it does require a lot of  finesse as I quickly realized after a few tries. As with most projects, it requires more time than I allotted for, the steps you don’t figure into the equation are  finding the best photo for the project, sizing it and toning it just right, getting the supplies and the experimenting  and overcoming your failures along the way.

I will continue to work on this process as I have a series in mind I would like to create for  an alter I hope to build honoring my ancestors. 

It is fun and I do recommend you give it a try when you have a moment or few hours…

There are a few tutorials out there but this is the one I used. You can also check out my Pinterest board with other ideas I hope to experiment with.

How to transfer a Photo onto Glass



Photo DIY