What a difference a print makes

Digital photography has made it so easy and cheap to make pictures. The problem is after you made the image-what do we do with a huge collections of images that are floating in the cloud and taking up space on hard drives.

If we aren’t posting the random image to some social media site that gets a few hours of attention then our images remain hidden under bed.

Being a part of Vivid Conversations and showing my work from my latest series “Third Effect” has reminded me of the importance of a print. Being able to see it as a real piece of art. More importantly holding it in your hands brings the reality of your creativity to life. The tangibility of the product helps to validates the image and ones ability to capture narratives from our daily lives.

A large printed version of an image can impact the viewers experience and even change the meaning adding the strength of the work.

Working with my good friend, consultant, and remarkable, professional printer Michael Cornelison has shown me the value of not only my work but the importance of high quality prints.

Taking the time to print even one photograph big on quality paper has the power to change your perception of your work but more importantly remind you of your passion for your photography.

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