Day 11-Filtered Fire

“A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.”-Marilyn Monroe

Shooting today made me realize how much I need this project. I am not shooting much professionally at the moment as I try to settle into my new job and juggle family responsibilities.

We had our first snow fall in months today and I had a picture in mind I have been wanting to try but before I knew it the snow had stopped and it only turned out to be a  dusting. 

The cold stayed though and I could barely stand to be outside for more than five minutes. Having a beer with an old friend next to a nice warm fire I knew I wanted to preserve the idea of warmth for the next few days as temperatures are doing to drop in the single digits.

I knew this picture wasn’t great but after a long discussion about filters, instragram, and text on images with my friend,  I thought I would continue to play with apps I have been using on Chrome and focus on the idea of design.

This image went through three different filters-first PicMonkey- I used a softening and a selective color filter, Pixlr-o-matic for the border and BeFunky for the text- not the most efficient workflow but I did get the results I was after. Unfortunately  the quality of the text doesn’t hold up after posting it. Practice will make perfect. 

These daily images are taking me much longer than I had anticipated but I am trying to be ok with the idea of playing and enjoying the journey.