Day 2-Camera Ornaments

Each year during the holidays, I go on a mad hunt to find Christmas ornaments that are related to photography. I have been pretty lucky to find a few throughout the years at Hobby Lobby and even Target.

I am usually at the counter thinking I am the crazy Christmas lady buying ornaments and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet- but the go fast! 

This year I found the most unique one (lower right) a pink point and shoot with an image of London glued to the back with a glitter border- tacky yes, but I couldn’t resist it was a camera after all.

These little beauties are getting packed up for the year. 

As my collection grows I hope to someday have a tree with only photography related ornaments on it. I image it will take a while and the tree will by a Charlie Brown one but it will be a Christmas miracle come true.  

If you see any camera ornaments near you pick one up for me!


Day 2- of the 365 A photo a day challenge

Photo shoot with a Nikon D600 and the post processed using a Chrome extension Pixlr-a-matic