Day 31-Focus

 This is the first time I have done anything consistently for 31 days. What a challenge. I have learned so much about myself and how the creative spirit works and more importantly needs to be nurturing and exercised.

Being able to complete this task of 365 photos a day is overwhelming.  I have doubts about making it and don’t want to put pressure myself with guilt if I don’t; after all it is just a picture a day. I need to take this challenge as it is one day at a time.

As simple as the task may appear there is a lot of planning and work that should go into each post. I realize I need a specific block of time set aside for this activity to be able to produce the the work and process the journey.

My eternal struggle to find focus not only through the lens of the camera but in my life continues-creating one image a day is helping me to achieve that goal.