Day 365-the end


I have to admit I have not done anything in my life consistently for 365 days. Sure, I get up have breakfast and get some sort of start on my day but many days lack rhythm or reason. I started this project a year ago to challenge myself to see if I could actually commit-(a bit of an issue for me) to keep me shooting, thinking creatively and get me out of the house.  I knew I needed something to keep me sane with a new job that is spent entirely on the computer. 

The primary challenge was to see if I could do something for 365 days.

 This project provided me with a bit of unexpected comfort and relief through an incredibly sad and challenging time with passing of my mother.  I think some of my best images came from that time.  As many of us know to well great art comes out of our pain and suffering.

I learned so much on this journey. One of the biggest things I think any artist can learn from a challenge like this is that somedays “just OK is OK” as long as it a step that helps you achieve your goal. It does not help you to beat yourself up over the lack of perfection. Accepting the OK is part of the development of your creativity as it helps you see where you still need to go.

Some of my best images came out of the days I did not have any kind of starting point or clue where to begin.  By forcing myself out of my comfort zone, trying something new and channeling other photographers I discovered different ways of looking at my subject and remembered the importance light.

Those were the days I learned the most. They gave me confidence and insight into the possibilities of where I can take my photography. 

I also realize I am still learning what I learned on this journey as I sit down and organize the images-(one thing I didn’t learn and focus on-workflow) I will be examining my patterns, style and interests. 

 I have been invited to be a part of a 10 women show in Nov. 2014 here in Fort Collins-”Vivid Conversations”, in which I will show an edited version of this project. I am looking forward to reflecting on the work and seeing how an edit will come together. I hope you will also join me along this part of the extended journey as well.

I want to thank my fellow “ a photo a day” challengers for joining me on this venture. I am not entirely sure I would have made it without them. 

Thanks-Nancy Stiefeld, Steve Bergman, Katrin Birner,, Jackie Endlsey,  Julie Wunsch Harvey, Nelli Levental, Jo Johsnon, Michael Blesius, Michael Cornelison. 

It has been amazing to me to receive the feedback on my photos and even hear I have a few secret admirers who might not comment but enjoy seeing the daily challenges. 

A big thanks to those of you hit the “like button” out there a few times and reminded me I had an audience-Mary Pridgen,  Mishelle McClure Baun, Logan Smith, Rich Abrahamson, Rick Hackett,, Judy Mitchelson, Allison Brett, the Geyers, the Vaders, Kevin Kirchner, David Farris (thanks CUZ) just to name a few. Thanks to all-forgive me if I over looked your support. ( I am writing this at 5am 1/1/14)

My biggest thanks goes to Patrick and Rafiki who are the subjects of many of my photos. In particular to Patrick for sharing his brilliant understanding of light and more importantly his patience-not just for the challenge but daily. 

I know many of you came on board and challenged yourself for a few days or months it was great to see your posts and watch your accept the challenge. I would encourage everyone to find something to challenge yourself with whether it is once a day, week or month.  It is all about the journey as cliche as it is.

I am starting a new project “A Photo a Week “ 52 weeks, based on the book Creative 52 by Lindsay Adler. I am taking this challenge on not just to see if I can commit to something but to become a better photographer and possible create new images for my portfolio.  Please feel free to join me.

Thank you again all for your support on this visual adventure; another unexpected aspect of this odyssey.

See you in Week 1.

The image is of the neighbor’s house which got the night before TPed.-get it? the end….