Day 4-In but wanting to be out

I have a lot of privileges with my new job as a full time instructor online with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. One of the biggest is the option to work anywhere I want. 

Working at home can be a bit distracting and so are coffee shops. Needing the ability to create video critiques for students work I need quite and privacy.

The library is one of my favorite places to work and I find I am the most efficient there. 

There is something about the paroquial nature of working in the library that doesn’t allow me to fool around much. I even feel guilty looking at Facebook in the library.

The newly remodeled Fort Collins library has some wonderful private meeting rooms that allow you to close big glass doors and tune out the noise and activity in there. 

If you are lucky you can a room with a window. 

The windows are my saving grace. They give me a bit of serenity and the motivation to get my work done so I can go out and play-and make pictures.

Photo created with a HTC Droid EVO