Day 44-Reminds me of Childhood

I have a lot of childhood memories but they don’t seem to come to mind unless I am reminded by an experience. I didn’t grow up where I live now so my favorite places to escape as a kid are no where near.

After wracking my brain on ideas, and having a chat with another friend on this challenge I remembered Pooh bear.  

Pooh bear was my buddy and kept me safe at night. I know he danced and played as I slept and when I went out to play. He had a friend, Teddy, who was originally my mother’s but I was always suspicious about Teddy- I worried he was a bad guy and Pooh had to defend me from him. Teddy often was often placed out of site but then I would be worry he would sneak out while I was sleeping and get me if Pooh wasn’t around.

It must be the connection I have to Pooh as a protector that won’t allow me get rid of me. He still has a job to do. He now overlooks Rafiki as he sleeps from the nearby closet.