Day 8-Distractions

Day 8-Distractions

I knew A Photo A Day was going to be a challenge but today I felt the reality of it.

I realize now that I cannot always wait for random inspiration to come. I need to start the day with ideas on where I can possible make a good picture. I understand that every picture is not going to be great and there will be days I post an image merely to accomplish the goal of not missing a day but I need to do a bit more pre-visualization. 

Distractions are all around me now that I work at home, coffee shops and the library. I still have a few Christmas craft projects to finish up for next year that beg me to work on them as I try to remain in the digital world and teach online.

These miniature Femo camera prototypes scream at me to be finished- and more importantly to be put away.

The cameras will be part of a ornament collection I am making for next year- Nutcracker photographers.  Have any one ever seen a good  example? Own one? I am still waiting for some inspiration on this hence the unfinished nature of the the project.