Day 81-in my bag

I am sure of you had something else in mind when you pictured my bag.

I was quite surprised to dig to the bottom and find these random treasures.

  • Mini first add kit from S. Africa- I took my first and only first aid course in Cape Town, S. Africa- the gave us these cool little kits with gloves and mouth protectors for CPR- I always carry and have never had to use it- with AIDS 1 in 4 in South Africa- you don’t want to have to use it.
  • Bottle opener- rarely used - carried just to be the cool person who pulls it out of her bag in a pinch- can you hear the cheers?
  • A travel tooth brush from Qatar Airlines- from a trip to Israel- about 10 years ago-might be used-;)
  • Tom’s toothpaste- hate it but use it when I don’t have any gum around.
  • Always carry some kind of snack with you no matter what and where.
  • You will always need AA batteries-for a variety of reason-they are used.
  • Halloween witch’s finger- to entertain and scare children when you are a restaurant and you have a screaming child behind you while you are trying to eat. 

I like this challenge- I think we will see it again!