Day 88-Feet

imageMy mother was the Imelda Marcos of the size 7 narrow shoe.

She loved shoes but they had to be practical, comfortable and of course fashionable. 

When she found a pair of shoes she liked, she would buy two more in different colors.

 Unfortunately, because of a variety health issues, including frequent swelling of her ankles and two knee replacements her gorgeous comfortable shoes didn’t get much wear.

And… I can’t fit into any of them!!!

Well… I am squeezing into a few. 

My mother wore a size 7 narrow, often she had to special order her shoes because it was a difficult size to find.

Merely, donating them to Goodwill seems a bit of a crime. I want these shoes to go to a lovely home. 

I will be donating them to Bree’s Upscale ReSale stores- which gives back to Breast Cancer.

If you are a size 7 get in touch! ASAP!-  you pay shipping!