Day 9-Lessons

Learning my lesson from yesterday’s experience I did not want to scramble again for a photo while I still had light.  In between errands I hit the local Hispanic church near my new “office” for a sure bet. I wanted to photograph a stature of Mother Mary who I had seen there before but when I arrived she was not there. This lonely guy was the only statute there. So much for a sure bet-another lesson learned

I have no idea who this statue represents-ideas? He wouldn’t be Jesus with a picture of his mother on him right? A lesson not yet learned.

What caught my eye was the shadow across the painting of the Lady of Guadalupe on his chest, I was so excited about the symbolism of this that I didn’t even realize it was a T and not a cross until just now. I was shooting with my cell, guessing on framing because the light was so bright I couldn’t see the screen.

Take time to review your photos even if it is just for a photo a day-slow down-Lesson learned

I planned the photo but not the rest of the completion of the assignment. My cell is low on storage so I couldn’t email it to myself, the cell wasn’t reading on the computer, dropbox wouldn’t upload it etc etc. I finally managed to upload it to Flickr , download it, then run it through  Pixlr-o-matic to make a bit more interesting- there are always filters, it took 45 minutes just to get the picture where I wanted it to be-Lesson learned everything takes more time than you think it will

I realize relying to much on my cell for this challenge might not be the best way to approach this journey. Lesson learned.

In summary lots of lessons learned here and none of them have to do with religion-which is probably what you thought this entry was going to be about with the image and headline. I suppose I need to bring a bit more spiritually into my life and work-Lesson learned