Day 96-Something I made


I am a bit of a jewelry whore. I love it, any and all kinds. One way I feed my own addiction is to make me own. The problem is the lack of time and space to create.
Last summer I needed a break from photography, teaching and students so I spent a few months trying to create the ideas I had churning in my head.

The result was this series of resin charms. I love working with resin and images. What is a better than vintage photos of woman photographers. I had/have big plans to create a line of jewelry specifically for us female fantastic photographers.

The process is quite consuming- research and to find the images, print them on the correct paper, cut and fit them to the size needed and then think of what I can add to each charm that enhances the 3D effect- pour the resin just right and wait for them to cure.

I still have a long way to go to achieving my goal but I set up an Etsy shop which resulted in a few sales. Etsy is great but as a seller there is a lot to learn and do. My last sales where at Christmas and I haven’t paid much attention to this aspect of my hobby in a whle but I hope to return to it again sometime soon- when I get the huge craft room I have always dreamed of.

Have a look when you have a moment. I would love to make a custom order for you so just let me know and give me some time.

Turning Heads Stories in resin- jewelry by Jill  P. Mott