Day 98-Music

image Kevin is my rock idol. He won’t admit it or maybe he will with a sarcastic tone you may not be sure if you got or not but he knows everything about music. With a few thousands CDs and countless records he can pull out some obscure band from his archives and probably tell you the roadie’s life story.

I don’t like everything he likes and of course don’t even know a fraction of the bands he does but music is a huge part of his life. Kevin is well known in the music industry as he has become one of the top music documentary video editors. He is a one man band, he  shoots and edits. 

When he allowed me to annoy him for a few minutes on this shoot. I asked him if his knowledge of music helped him edit. He gave me the “are you the dumb look” and said of course- it is everything- pacing, rhythm and visual references for understanding when musicians are playing leads helps to sequencing the content correctly to tell a dynamic story that goes beyond just the basic music video.

 I could have spent the entire afternoon picking his brain on his editing philosophy. For the most part Kevin is self taught and just keeps getting better, more creative and faster.

He is the hardest working man in show business. 

To see some of his work check out this great series of webisodes for the band Rise Against

You might not see his name on the credits as he doesn’t think it is important for him to be noticed,  but I do! 

Rise Against-Blasting Room

I truly admire Kevin for his artistic abilities, editing methods and his amazing people skills.  

He is a friend to all who are lucky enough to be in the inner circle with an incredible passion for life and storytelling. 

Thanks Kevin. Rock on!