Week 3-Tell a Story

My first thought when I saw the theme for the week was -no problem, but I also had a sneaking suspicion that it would be. Telling a story is what I like to do and what I spent 20 years in newspaper doing.  It seemed like a new brainer.  I just needed the opportunity to make the images.  

I thought maybe a freelance assignment I had at the National Western Stock Show would result in some storytelling images.  I was assigned to cover fashion at the Citizens of the West banquet- the traditional kick-off of the National Western Stock Show and a big fundraiser. It was a fun event but I couldn’t focus on anything but what the reporter wanted and my time was very limited to shoot.  Business before pleasure. 

Here is a quick glimpse of the evening. 

“Style Matters is a citizen of the west for one evening”

Now, with a press pass in hand for the entire two weeks of the stock show I knew I needed to make another visit within the week to try and get that one storytelling image for Creative 52. I planned to go with my son on Sunday (my self imposed Creative 52 due date).

But Saturday, I had to go to Boulder to pick up a set of photos I had in the Bike Art show at The Diary- a local arts center. With camera in hand I didn’t want to miss any storytelling pictures.

Not only was I focused on Week 3’s theme but I was also preoccupied with Week 4’s theme “use negative space”. Although I feel I do use negative space in my work quite often the example in Adler’s book is so beautiful it intimated me a bit.

Creative Photography Project #4 Use of Negative Space

 As I spent the week thinking about telling a story I was also wondering what the heck I was going to do about Week 4, looking for photo opportunities every time I got in the car.

So when this I saw this opportunity at The Diary, I knew I had week 4 covered- oh- put it was week 3.  


I worked this situation and probably shot way to many but the position of the light and the obvious negative space engaged me with the subject and composition of the image. 

I felt this image of gallery volunteer patching holes in the wall  had a clear story but also allowed the viewer to wonder about the art that was hanging  on the wall and maybe even envision their own art there

I decided on this image over many of the images I shot at the National Western Stock Show because although many of  the images are an instant read- cowboys being bucked from bulls and broncos I had seen it before. The images I liked the most from the rodeo were more chaotic and actually take a moment to process to understand. 


After reviewing what I shot during the week I realized I had more images than I suspected that told stories and had a natural use of negative space-(using wide angles helps with that. )

My second runner up was a simple image I shot of a girl waiting in the stock yard for her cows to return after being shown. The contrasting colors of the purple and yellow caught my eye. My sense of color has definitely been heightened thanks to Week 1’s challenge based on a single color. 


So thinking about cheating and using a few of these images for Week 4’s challenge I soon realized I wouldn’t need to. After a day spent in the beautiful Colorado sun and noticing the wonderful shadows being created I realized I negative space will not be as hard as I had thought.

I highly recommend everyone take a moment to look ahead to begin to find inspiration in your daily adventures.