Nice to meet you. Here's my story.

My natural curiosity has led me around the world from California to Florida, England to Zimbabwe with a stop in Italy for art school.  With each location I have had the opportunity to photograph an incredible range of people who have appreciated my ability to put them at ease, even grumpiest of curmudgeons!  Choosing a permanent home in Fort Collins was easy after taking a job as a photojournalist for the Coloradoan. Bikes and breweries... Who could go wrong?

The photojournalist in me can’t help but want to know more. Hearing your story, capturing it with my camera and perfecting the memory is what drives me forward. Maybe it is for my own gratification but memorializing your history is my motivation. This has happened often enough as my work has been recognized by National Press Photographers Association and I am proud to have shown my work in national group exhibitions as well as solo shows.

Now, please tell me yours....

“Work quickly, decisively and be unobtrusive.” This mantra continuously runs through my head with each session as I encourage my clients through the formal moments as well as the delightful adventures. When I develop the session photos I feel I have succeeded I have captured authentic storytelling moments.

Recognizing these instances is a talent I have honed with the assistance of my husband who is also a photographer and our ten year old son Rafiki. My diversity, education and background gives me the ability to provide my clients with more than just a photo.

What picture would you like to paint? We can make it happen and enjoy the experience.

A few quirky bits



Burgers and Fries

Zumba ( I have to I love burgers and fries to much!)

Sons of Anarchy

90 Shilling

freshly sharpened pencils




Jil P. Mott hands


Laugh tracks

Heavy Metal